Sunday, 6 February 2011

Fanciful Freebies

I joined SL on September 24th 2010 and I started to explore SL by using the destination guide on the SL-homepage. After a couple of days, I was TP'ed to a place, where a mini-hunt took place. A *huuuuhh*... what? The long and the short of it: the hunt-price was a cute fairy dress and a new forest nymph was born.
Then something happened that changed my Second Life: I was invited to the fabfree group. The members of that group are able to help you finding almost everything you are looking for! Now Im a shopaholic and I have cluttered up almost 20 000 items within 4 months. 
I quickly realized, that it is easier to find casual, elegant or sexy clothes, then to find free or cheap fantasy outfits. I knew, that I can also find a bargain, by reading blogs. But... I havent found many blogs, that specifically write about items for fairies or vampires, mermaids or witches. I did quickly cast away the idea to write for some of the few existing fantasy-blogs, because I wanted to be free to decide, what I post and when I post it. Ok, so lets find some fanciful freebies... ;)