Wednesday, 16 February 2011

0007 - TNT - Hairbases

So... this was my RL-valentines-day-break ;). But now Im back again. In my first days as a blogger, I had to delete some of my work, before I even published it. Why? Because outfit-only-blogs presented the same items quicker then I did. Writing blog-posts about complete outfits really is time consuming ;)
Whenever I realize (in the future), that someone just wrote about an outfit I choosed aswell, I'll be writing a TNT-post! Nope, Im not writing about some explosive Trinitrotoluene ;). This are going to be tips'n'tricks-posts, where I will only present some helpful stuff or simply one kind of product (shoes only, hair only...). Today I'll start the TNT-category with a post about Hairbases.

Hairbases: usefull, but they are only compatible with viewer
version 2.0 and some third party viewers.  Check
or the Third_Party_Viewer_Directory on SL-wiki for a complete
 list of alternative viewers with this capability. 

Some skins are made with a hairbase, for other skins without implemented hairbase you need to have tattoo-layers. These hairbases are meant to be worn in addition to the bald layer and are viewed best with hair without full bright. Hairbases are only compatible with certain viewers such as SL viewer 2.0. Why you should wear a hairbase? Do you like bald spots on your head? I dont ;P

Without hairbase...
With hairbase...

This is where you can get some free hairbases:
* Modifiable hairbases are very usefull! If you only wear hair from AD hair, you will always have a fitting hairbase, but if you wear hair from different designers, you could have a problem finding the right hairbase-colour (one blond or copper colour isnt like the other). Then it is usefull to have some white or light blond hairbase that is modifiable, so you can tint the hairbase until it fits with your hair... ;) 

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