Saturday, 19 February 2011

0011 - Twighlight

Ok, I promised to present two outfits from shack today. So here is the second one ;) Im sorry for the delay. But at the moment I have some "technical problems", because my clothes dissapear all the time, and Im either ruthed or looking like Mrs. Grey *grmpf*. I cant say its easy to try on clothes, or to make pictures in such a situation... :P.
Now here's the second dress... and actually a third one from another place aswell. This other dress is a group gift from World's End. I didnt plan to write about the "La Nuit du chasseur"-outfit that soon, because it has a similiar cut/pattern like the dress from Baiastice (post no. 0001). But... the dress from shack was made for gor girls, so I had to find some accessories I can add to that outfit, to make it more vamp-like ;). The dress from World's End has a really nice collar (not scripted - it is just fashionable), that I wanted to use with the Edibe-dress, so I decided to write about the "La Nuit du chasseur"-outfit nevertheless. But first some pics of the Shack-Outfit:
The Edibe-dress from Shack is made of dark grey/black leather.
The shoes I found on marketplace...
The torso-tattoo is a gift from Dream Ink, the Ali twighlight
hair is available at Exile.
Both the eyes and the tears-tattoo are finds from the marketplace. The skin
is from sVs (see post no.0002) and the collar is part of a complete outfit from
"World's End Garden" (see next dress).
  • Hair: "Ali" from Exile (free)
  • Eyes: "Silver X2 eyes", available on marketplace (2L, you receive a fatpack with 11 different eyes)
  • Face-Tattoo: "Tears", available on marketplace (free)
  • Torso-Tattoo: "T.E.S.22-9" from Dream Ink (free, this tattoo was a christmas gift, and is still available, there are also other gift-boxes)
  • Shoes: Grey highheels, available on marketplace (1L)
  • Outfit: "Edibe (black)" from Shack (Lucky Board - there are five boards, the dress is in the first board from the left) *
  • Tights: Black tights from W&T, available on the marketplace (1L) *
  • Collar: Is part of the complete outfit "La Nuit du Chasseur", available at World's End Garden (group gift - when you arrive a the "garden" you need to find the TP to the group gifts)
* This outfit is delivered without underpants or pants (the pants-layer is used for the bodice-bottom). So you need to find some underwear or leggins, if you dont like that kind of "open-air"-feeling ;). I found some black tights (underwear-layer) on the marketplace. They dont fit perfectly, and probably you allready have something better, but hey... its just a suggestion ;)

The "La Nuit Du Chasseur"-dress is a dream in black for all dark girls!
By the way... in case you dont understand french:
 La Nuit du Chasseur means The night of the hunter ;) 
Oh, and if you didnt recognise it: the pictures were made at barbee...

* The collar, the stockings and the gloves are part of the outfit! There is another beautiful black dress available at the World's End Garden, that I didnt show here... just pick it up aswell, when you visit this very special kind of garden ;)

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