Wednesday, 23 February 2011

0014 - TNT Wings

Now two days in a row I wanted to blog about a certain outfit, searched fitting accessories and made some nice pics, and again I realised, that someone else allready wrote about the same dress a couple of hours earlier... yayyyy! So... I deleted all my work. That means, its time for a TNT-post. I decided to write something about wings... because there is more to say about wings then only: wow! 

1. Scripted Naida in Red Wings from *IW* - I like the texture. 
  As a fairy, Im always looking for some nice wings, even if I started to make some wings myself. I found lots of inflexible wings, that were like some stiff boards. Honestly... wearing such wings doesnt make you look very fairy like, even if some nice textures have been used for the wings. So its a good bet to find flexible wings, or inflexible wings that are modifiy, so you can add some flexibility yourself.

2. Both the Sunset Fairy Wings,
aswell as...
3. ...the Rainbow Wings, you can find
at Deviance.

4. Nicely animated Kimono Bat Wings.
Some people like animated wings, that are for example flapping as soon as you touch them. Depending on the script or the tool that was used to animate the wings, that can be quite pretty. In some cases the scripted wings have kind of nice, liquid movements (f.e. the Kimono Bat Wings, you can see above). Others have jerky movements, which is as ungainly as inflexible wings. So if some designers offer scripted wings, you should try to get a demo to see, if you like the movements, otherwise you will probably be disappointed. There are - by the way - also wings with special scripts (f.e. xcite!-compatible wings). Be aware that scripted items are generally producing lag (more or less - depending on the script).

6. Funny, bubbly wings.
5. Particle wings... pretty aswell.

7. Butterfly Wings from Frozen Night

  1. "Naida in Red Wings" from Inga Wind Clothing (part of a complete outfit - hunt-gift from the "V for Valentines hunt", scripted wings, unfortunately no-mod)
  2. "Sunset Fairy Wings" from Deviance (Apple bob item... kind of a lucky dip ;)...)
  3. "Rainbow Wings" from Deviance (free gift)
  4. "Kimono Bat Wings" from Seven's Selections (free gift - not easy to find... its on the wall of the "Flexi Flutter Wings" right under the "send as a gift"-board... a very, very small "button")
  5. "Particle flexi wings", available on marketplace (0L)
  6. "Dusk wings" from Wishbox (free gift)
  7. "Butterfly wings" from Frozen night (free gift)

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