Monday, 7 February 2011

0002 - Transcendental elf

Majestic, noble, devine... this are attributes that describe the masterpieces of a specific designer, that has lately been nominated as one of the top 5 of the New Designers category for the Glance Awards. I talk about The White Armory. Every week they offer a new, wonderful group gift, that makes you look like a princess or transcendental elf.

Transcendental look with the gown "La Cortez"...
... the gown is available with several skirt options...
I like the elven-like jewellery-set
Chrysalis Christal... 
Katrina II from AP Hair is as silvery
as the moon... 

  • Skin: "Ashley", sVs Shiny-Vampires-Skins (10L Promo)
  • Eyes: "Intense - devious", from MADesigns, available at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Ears: from Chihiro Seid, available on marketplace (1L) 
  • Hair: "Katrina II", from Alice Project hair, available at Savoir Hair (1L)
  • Gown: "La Cortez", The White Armory, (group gift available until february 12th or 13th, free entry, but invitation from owner required)
  • Jewellery-set: "Chrysalis Christal", from Style Society (10L Promo, available on marketplace - bindi not included!)
  • "Bindi"/Bellybutton: "Bridal Swirl", from Ceriano Designs, available on marketplace (free) Attention!! This item is sold as a Belly Button. As the item is modifiable, I transformed it into a Bindi. This is only something for you, if you have some building skills!

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