Sunday, 13 February 2011

0006 - Na'vi: Dream of Pandora

A couple of weeks ago - not for the first time, by the way - someone asked in the FabFree groupchat, if anyone knows a place, where it is possible to find a nice blue skin. I remember, that quite a few girls said, that they would be interested to receive that landmark too. So I decided to put together some nice Na'vi-outfit:

Not exactly like Neytiri from Avatar, but the look is quite close I'ld say ;).
I like the complete set from Elfenground, that comes with modifiable shape,
skin, scripted ears and flexy tail!
Completing the outfit with: hair from -dDx-...
... and the black beads dress from Shack!

Two different pairs of eyes for two different budgets:
the large bright yellow eyes are 45L, the other pair (underneath) is a freebie
- its your choice...
  • Complete avatar: "Pandora blue" from Elfenground, available at Yasum (free, you can choose from several complete avatar-sets in different shades of blue, and you will receive a modifiable shape, a skin, a tail and scripted ears) * 
  • Hair: "EFB01 (auburn) from -dDx- (1L, the vendor is hanging on a wall in the background) or buy the white version of that hair on marketplace (1L) **
  • Eyes no.1: "Na'vi eyes" from Shika, available on marketplace (not free... these eyes are 45L)
  • Eyes no.2: "Day light - lucky day" from MADesign, available at the FabFree Station (free, that might be your choice, if you dont have 45L)
  • Outfit: "Black beads" from Shack (Lucky Board, its in the second board from left - thanks to Firefox Fonda to offer it again, after it had been removed ;)...)
  • Necklace: "Seashell necklace" from Rebel -X- (free, near the lucky chair in a shelf you will find several small boxes with free necklaces)
  • Headband: "Annika" from Ravensoul (free gift, you can see it on the first of my picks)

* The shape you can see on the pics is the one from Elfenground/Yasum, I slightly personalized it: I enlarged the eyes a lill' bit, I made longer arms and legs and I narrowed the shoulders a bit.
** The hair from dDx is available in auburn (shop) and white (marketplace)! Unfortunately I was not able to find some free or cheap black rasta or dread-hair that I like. But: the hair and the fitting hairbase from dDx are both modifiable! So just tint both parts with some dark grey colour, and the hair almost looks black ;) Best result you will achieve with the white hair and if you tint it with a very dark grey colour and then you need to add some bumpiness (you will find that in the building menu/textures), choose "brightness".

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  1. Alli&Ali "Bo" hair is very rasta-ish, and often free in various Midnight Manias. You might try looking at that.