Wednesday, 16 February 2011

0008 - In the dark

Today I mixed two complete outfits from the same shop... [AdN]. They have many lucky chairs, MM-boards, two Guess&Win-boards and a wide choice of outfits for girls that like some sexy style (often in dark colours).

I mixed the skirt and the collar from [AdN] Red Furry
with the top and the leggins from [AdN] Red Envy...
...the Romina hair from A&A...
...the black shiny eyes from Rozena...

...the Dew-Fall tattoo from Conspiracy and
some black heels from Urban Girl. 

  • Hair: "Romina" from A&A, available on the marketplace (1L - without hairbase)
  • Hairbase: "Brunette" from Analog Dog Hair (free - fatpack)
  • Eyes: "Shiny Eye - black" from Rozena (10L, gift from The Valentine Diva Hunt - find a basket with different hunt-items, you will find three different eyes in the heart-shaped box)
  • Tattoo: "Dew-Fall" from Conspiracy (Lucky toilet, transferable item)
  • Shoes: Black heels from Urban Girl (group gift - join the group, open group info, go to messages and find "Urban Girl will note close more". The shoes are attached to that message... just download them to your inventory ;)...) 
  • Outfits: "Red Furry" and "Red Envy" from [AdN] (Lucky Chair and Guess&Win-Board)

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