Thursday, 17 February 2011

0009 - Purple & apple green roses

Purple & apple green... thats a colour mix I really adore. Probably you understand why, when you see the following pictures ;)

Iridescent gown made of purple silk... found at GizzA!
This pretty skin is from sweet bites and looks great with the flower-bedecked
hair from tricco and the gold-orchid eyes from MADesign...
The wings you can find for free
(on the marketplace)...
These pretty bow strap shoes from
G Field are completing the outfit.

  • Shape: "KRIS" from Di's, available at Enky's Dollar$tore (1L)
  • Skin: "Claire" from Sweet Bites (1L)
  • Hair: Hair with flowers from trico (group gift)
  • Eyes: "Autumn gold - orchyd" from MADesign, available at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Outfit: "Purple Moon" from GizzA (group gift)
  • Shoes: Bow strap shoes "Kate" from G Field (group gift)
  • Wings: "Flower petal wings" available on marketplace (free)


  1. OMG, your blog is soooooo cute! I love all these elf/mermaid/nimph stuff, eehe. Sometimes I mermaid too, ehehehe. Loved it all, you do great photography *.* Well, i'm new on this "business" (sl fashion blog, ihihihih)but I have lot's of fun blogging. I'll put you in my fav's since it's a really lovely blog *.* Congrats!

  2. Hi Gabriella... thank you very much! Im really glad to hear that you like my blog, because I had no feedback until now. You are the first to write a comment :)
    I actually love your blog aswell!! You really are very stylish and I like the outfits you put together! Thats why I'ld say, its an honour, that you added me to your fav's :) so thanks!