Thursday, 10 February 2011

0004 - Flowery Fairy

Ok, I know, Im a bit late with this post, but dont forget, this blog started to exist a couple of days ago ;). Now, if you like this beautiful Lotus gown, and you dont have it yet, then: HURRY UP!! It is an item from the Year of the bunny Hunt, which has been extended until TOMORROW, 11th february! It takes place on two sims: Ozimal & Magic of Oz. Get more infos on the hunt here. If you want to start the hunt, go to the Magic of Oz sim and click on the info board, to receive a hunt-basket and further informations how to get the gifts.

This cute gown of FallnAngel comes with the lotus flower collar and a robe,
that is not shown on the picture...
The Brittany Gold dust skin from BeautyCode and the green-golden eyes of MADesign!
Probably you have allready seen the gown
 somewhere else, but for sure you havent
seen these wings, as I made them myself
to get a pair of Lotus wings, that I can
wear with this outfit ;)
Do I like fairies with highheels? *eeek*, nope!
Flats are ok, but I prefer bare feets, like the
sculpted ones from Mayden Couture... 
Now isnt this fairy just cute?

  • Shape: "Leyla" from [SK]INFINITY (Lucky Board)
  • Skin: "Brittany GoldDust" from BeautyCode (group gift)
  • Hair: "Hair 006 / Soil" from Garage (group gift, available downstairs on a table)
  • Eyes: "Electric - Sensation" from MADesign, availabe at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Feets: Bare feets from Mayden Couture (free profile pick gift: add the pick to your profile, wait 24 hours, go back and get your free gift ;)...)
  • Wings: "Lotus flower wings" from... myself, available on the marketplace (free)
  • Outfit: Lotus gown with a collar and a robe from FallnAngel Creations, available on the Magic of Oz sim (HURRY to get this gift - no. 3 - from the "Year of the bunny hunt" - available until friday 11th february only!) ** 

** Hunt-information: You need to pick up a basket and find six chocolate coins for each gift you would like to get. The coins are very easy to find! As soon as your basket holds six Chocolate Coins, a dialog menu will pop up with a list of stores offering hunt gifts. As I mentioned before, choose no. 3 for this outfit. You will receive a Chinese Good Luck Symbol. Find the Chinese Good Luck Symbol in your inventory and select wear (... a rotating, golden luck symbol will appear above your head). When you equip the Chinese Good Luck Symbol, it will tell you what store it is for (in that case the main shop of FallnAngel on Magic of Oz at the coordinates 211,9,31). Go to the shop, stand very close to the red candy box you will find there, and click on the golden luck symbol to get your gift. If you like fairy-stuff in general, pick up gift no. 5 too... also have a look at the other funny gifts ;)

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