Tuesday, 8 February 2011

0003 - Majestic mermaid

Now this item, I didnt plan to present, as it was actually ment to be an exclusive gift for the visitors of a fashion show of Yasum. But now the owner decided to put it up in the shop :))... so, this is your chance! Hurry up, and pick up this marvelous mermaid-outfit quickly... the shell with the bubbles comes with it...

  • Outfit: Exclusive, complete mermaid-outfit (with tail, wings, headset, necklace, mermaid-ao) from Yasum (free - there is nice stuff all around the shop, to get the outfit, teleport to the groupgift-zone) 
  • Skin: "Alise" from Garage (free, former group gift, again available on a table downstairs)
  • Hair: "Lady Antonella" from Hairoin, available at Savoir Hair (1L, comes in two colours)

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