Thursday, 24 February 2011

0015 - Snail mail

Okies... this time I started to assemble an outfit, by choosing the ears first! Yes... the ears :P. Now thanks to Roodvosje Rosse, who's the diligent author of the great Go dutch ! blog, I found these funny elf-ears, with a sneaking snail on... Gary to be precisely. Thanks for the hint Rood ;)...  I really love those :). I added one of the several skins from the Skin Fair and a dress I found at Deviance yesterday (but it seems the dress is available there since some time allready ;)...)... nevertheless I blog it, as I like it. 

"Yumm, yumm... now doesnt this rose just look delicious?"
Gary is funny, ehhh? But this cute teal-coloured snail on my ear tickles...

This pretty dress is from Delicious... and its worth eating some poisened
or wormy apples, to get it from the apple bop-lucky dip ;)

The dress comes with different skirt and ruffle-options and
with the cute flower-basket.
These shoes are a Dollarbie from
Sole Sisters...

This skin was a Skin Fair gift from JeSyLiLO, the hair is
a freebie from Exile and the eyes from MADesign.

  • Shape: "Blue bell shape" from Deviance (is part of the free outfit!)
  • Skin: "Skin Fair gift J1" from JeSyLiLO, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (free, this is one of three skins that are offered by JeSyLiLO)
  • Ears: "Snail ears" from IrEn, available at Toastyville (free - available in four versions, pale/tan, with/without snail or a fly - the ears are not off-standing when you buy them, but they are modifiable ;)...)
  • Eyes: "INNOCENCE eyes - Lake ink" from MADesigns, available at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Hair: "Susan" from Exile, available at Savoir Hair (free)
  • Outfit: "Blue Bell" from Deviance (free Apple bop/lucky dip-item, there are many skirt- and ruffle-options!)
  • Shoes: "Janelle" from Sole Sisters (1L - all white shoes and boots at Sole Sisters are Dollarbies!)

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