Monday, 21 February 2011

0013 - Heavenly Creature

Today I was at Vanity Universe, where the 2011 skin fair takes place... my first fair :). But I was warned, that it would be laggy, and so I didnt care and searched for some nice skins. And what I found was definitely angelique. All those skins of different designers are real masterpieces and you can see a new generation of beautiful skins. There are also a few gifts, and there is one that really catched my eye. It is from YS & YS... judge yourself...

This stunning, angelique outfit (with gloves) is a gift from Frozen Night. 

This opalescent skin is a gift from YS & YS and is available at the skin fair.
The eyes are from "By snow" and the hair  is a creation of A&A.

The wings (with particles) you can find at Frozen Night aswell.
By the way: the particle-halo is part of the outfit. 

Just like an angel...

  • Shape: "Miranda", available on marketplace (free, allready used it for my blog-post from yesterday ;)...)
  • Skin: "Susan" from YS & YS, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (free, you will also receive 3 hairbases)
  • Eyes: "Arcana eyes" from "By snow", available at the marketplace (1L)
  • Hair: "Naomi (Platinum)" from A&A, available here (MM-board) *
  • Outfit: "Baby feather angel" from Frozen Night (free, the giftbox is outside on a small table)
  • Wings: "Feather angel wings" from Frozen Night (free, inside the shop on a wall, on the right side of the entrance)
* IMPORTANT: A&A has MM-boards all over the grid! At the mainstore (near the MM-board) you can get a notecard with informations, where exactly you can find certain hair-styles. So if you dont find the Naomi Platinum hair at the location I mentioned, then they probably moved it to another location. Just check the notecard to find it ;) 

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