Saturday, 12 February 2011

0005 - Fallen in Red

It can happen, that a man forgets valentines day in RL. It is absolutely impossible, that this happens in SL! Pink and red and tons of hearts-textures all over the grid! Yep, one thing is sure: the commercialization of holidays is in SL almost stronger than in RL. Now I was looking for some outfit, that fits for valentines day, without beeing completely "sugary" - that was quite difficult.

  • Skin: "London" from Cupcakes, available at FabFree Station (free)
  • Hair: "Jessica" from Pazazz Hair, available at Savoir Hair (free)
  • Eyes: "Plum in the water eyes" available on marketplace (1L)
  • Wings: "Red feather wings" from... myself, available on marketplace (free)
  • Dress: "Gipsy chemise red" from Wishbox (lucky chair) - without flower-belt
  • Wreath: "Red wreath" from VLW Flowerchild (MM-board) **
** As you have probably seen, I used the wreath from VLW Flowerchild as a belt aswell. IMPORTANT: The boxed wreath IS copy but is NOT modifiable or transferable. So before (!) you unpack it, make a copy of the box. Because as soon as you have unpacked the box, the wreath is NO COPY but it IS modifiable and transferable! If you want to make a belt from your hair-wreath: open the second wreath-box, rename it into flower belt, and attach the "wreath" to your stomach and adjust the position... and there you have a belt that fits with the hair-wreath ;)


Another red dress... this time a hunt-gift from Inga Wind clothing:

  • Dress: "Avril" in red from Inga Wind Clothing (free gift from shop-hunt: you need to find 6 hearts filled with parts of this outfit - there is a pair of shoes included, that Im not wearing on the picture!)
  • Wreath/Belt/Wings: the same ones used for the dress above! 

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