Saturday, 19 February 2011

0010 - Just mint

Yesterday I was visiting Shack... again. 5 lucky chairs, and two MM-boards and all recently filled with new items. I'll present you two of those outfits... but you will see, that there is much more to see in the shop ;)

The Coral (G) mint gown from Shack... clearly influenced by the rokoko-style...

The green shoes are from DbT.
Its true... green is the perfect colour
for red heads ;)...

The skin "Uma" is from Rockberry, the eyes you can find on the marketplace.
The headgear  is a huntgift from my favorite sim... the chakryn forest.

  • Skin: "Uma" from Rockberry, available at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Hair: "Katrina II" from AP Hair and is available at Savoir Hair (1L... yeah, I know, its the second time Im posting this hair ;)...)
  • Eyes: "Diseased eyes - high cyan" from edge grafica, available on marketplace (free)
  • Gown: "Coral (G) mint" from Shack (MM-board)
  • Shoes: "Sophie" from Delights by Talena, available at the Wash Cart Sale (10L, the sale runs until 9th March)
  • Headgear: "Circlet of Nature Attunement", available at Chakryn Forest (free, gift of the Chakryn Fae Altar Quest) * 
* There is more then one quest at the chakryn forest. To start above mentioned quest you need to find the Fae Altar, which is near the waterfall (looks like the stub of a tree). Click it to get a notecard with instructions.  Everywhere in the forest you will find strange objects, that you wouldnt expect to find in a forest. You will have to find 4 specific ones (with a green glow)! When you have found the items, go back to the stub, put the items on top and click on the floating leave above the stub... then you should receive the gift...

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