Thursday, 3 March 2011

0019 - All in black

Two days ago, I received a hot tip of my new friend Ryokojj. She found some cool black faun hooves, and I searched some accessories to complete a faun-outfit. Unfortunately I was not able to blog it immediately (busy in RL). When I came back today, I realised, that the hooves are not available anymore... dang! Nevertheless Ill present you the outfit I prepared... with boots.

The Raven Burlesque outfit is the Twisted hunt-gift from Bad Juju. It
includes: dress with a tail-like feather-skirt, the boots...

...and the black feather wings.
A hunt gift from Acide...

This tattoed skin is one of my favorite ones. It is from Dimbula Rose. 
The eyes are a freebie from amato.

On marketplace I always find a lot of cheap and nice things:
for example this necklace. The horns I made myself.

  • Skin: "Dark fold skin03_LB" from :::Dimbula Rose::: (Lucky board - the bright tattoo is part of the skin and not a seperate layer... there are several skins in the lucky boards)
  • Hair: "Elven Hunter Hair" (darkbrown) from Alli+Ali (MM-board. A&A has MM-boards all over the grid in several stores and they move the items regularly. Therefore they give out a Grid-wide Mania boards list, that they update daily. You can find it at the mainshop at the following coordinates: 169/130/23) The "Elven Hunter Hair" in chestnut is available on marketplace as a Dollarbie, but I prefer the darkbrown version ;)
  • Eyes: "Eyes myst 01" from *.amato.* (free, you can find the eyes in the "Free eliptical eyes" box)
  • Ears: "Coeur prisonier" from [Acide!] (9L gift from the "My depraved valentines hunt").
  • Horns: "Swirled horns" from myself, available at the marketplace (5L)
  • Necklace: "Chaos Theory Necklace" from Ticky Tacky, available on marketplace (10L - fitting earrings also available on marketplace for 10L)
  • Outfit: "Raven Burlesque" from Bad Juju (hunt gift - from the "Twisted Hunt" - includes wings & boots)

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