Monday, 7 March 2011

0021 - Aurora

RL and SL (to be more precisely: other bloggers) are keeping me busy right now. Thats why I cant write too many blogs at the moment. Today just a quick look on the new TWA-gift: "Aurora"

Aurora is the new groupgift from The White Armory...
These long elven ears are a gift from Plastik. The shoes below
are a Dollarbie from Sole Sisters.

  • Skin: "Spirit / Bliss / Antique Kiss" from Heartsick, available at the Fabfree Station (free)
  • Hair: "Juliet" (darkbrown) from Alli & Ali (MM-board. A&A has MM-boards all over the grid in several stores and they move the MM-board-items regularly. Therefore A&A offers a Grid-wide Mania-board list, that they update daily. You can find it at the mainshop at the following coordinates: 169/130/23. The Juliet hair in rose is available on marketplace as a Dollarbie, but I prefer the darkbrown version ;) 
  • Eyes: "Spring Bouquet Eyes" from "By snow", available on marketplace (1L)
  • Ears: "Lionheart elven ears" from Plastik (free, these ears are part of the gift-box [#85] Happy Holidays from... - you can find the gift on the backside of the "Plastik-board" above the entrance. It looks like some parchment)
  • Outfit: "Aurora" from The White Armory (group gift)
  • Shoes: "Dancer" (white) from Sole Sisters (1L - all white shoes at Sole Sisters are Dollarbies)

Friday, 4 March 2011

0020 - Green leaves

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Creative Chaos shop for the first time. Immediately I knew, that I would like to blog something from this shop, but had to wait for some new items, as other bloggers allready wrote about the dresses I found. Now, there are two new gowns... the group gift for march, and the St. Patrick's day-freebie. I love both items :).

The pretty St. Patrick's day gift from Creative Chaos...

...I combined it with the new gift-skin from Beautycode, and
some very realistic eyes from Unique Megastore...

...a nice silver necklace from the marketplace, and hair from T&S GLaMouR. 

  • Skin: "Flora Tattoo Butterfly" from BeautyCode (group gift)
  • Eyes: "Gift eyes" from Unique Megastore, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (free gift)
  • Hair: "Valeria" (chestnut) from T&S Glamour Designs, available on the marketplace (1L, Promo)
  • Necklace: "AlienbearXAgnes Necklace", available on marketplace (free gift)
  • Outfit: "St. Patrick's day gift-outfit" from Creative Chaos (free gift)

The other outfit from Creative Chaos I want to present you, is the current group gift, which is very pretty aswell :)

The current group gift of Creative Chaos is very playfull, with the floral
pattern and all the frills :)

If you look very close, you can see
some golden lines on the mauve
gown, so these shoes fit very well ;)
This beautiful little easter-flower-
bracelet is from "Nightfairy's"... isn't
it just cute? 

The natural and plain skin is a gift from SFMB and the very
special Vanity eyes are a gift from Al Vulo.

I like the mahagony-colour of this hair from Amacci, but you will receive
a fatpack with several colours, if you prefer another colour. The necklace
and the earrings are a Promo from Bodysteelfashion.

  • Skin: "Sunkissed and Kissable Skin" from SFMB in Toastyville at the coordinates 215/15/93 (Unfortunately the skin is NOT available anymore, BUT there is some pretty skin in the MM-board and there is another skin that you can get for prize-camping - worth having a look)
  • Hair: "Adena" from amacci (free gift)
  • Eyes: "Vanity eyes" from Al Vulo, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (free gift... eyes and a skin)
  • Shoes: "Delphines heels" from Shiny things (subscribo gift, along with some nice blue flats)
  • Bracelet: "Easter Flower Bracelet" from Nightfairy's (1L)
  • Necklace & Earrings: "Flower" from Bodysteelfashion, available on marketplace (10L Promo)
  • Outfit: "Althea" from Creative Chaos (recent group gift, you will also find former group gifts and lots of nice freebies and cheapies - and have a look at the regular priced items aswell ;)...)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

0019 - All in black

Two days ago, I received a hot tip of my new friend Ryokojj. She found some cool black faun hooves, and I searched some accessories to complete a faun-outfit. Unfortunately I was not able to blog it immediately (busy in RL). When I came back today, I realised, that the hooves are not available anymore... dang! Nevertheless Ill present you the outfit I prepared... with boots.

The Raven Burlesque outfit is the Twisted hunt-gift from Bad Juju. It
includes: dress with a tail-like feather-skirt, the boots...

...and the black feather wings.
A hunt gift from Acide...

This tattoed skin is one of my favorite ones. It is from Dimbula Rose. 
The eyes are a freebie from amato.

On marketplace I always find a lot of cheap and nice things:
for example this necklace. The horns I made myself.

  • Skin: "Dark fold skin03_LB" from :::Dimbula Rose::: (Lucky board - the bright tattoo is part of the skin and not a seperate layer... there are several skins in the lucky boards)
  • Hair: "Elven Hunter Hair" (darkbrown) from Alli+Ali (MM-board. A&A has MM-boards all over the grid in several stores and they move the items regularly. Therefore they give out a Grid-wide Mania boards list, that they update daily. You can find it at the mainshop at the following coordinates: 169/130/23) The "Elven Hunter Hair" in chestnut is available on marketplace as a Dollarbie, but I prefer the darkbrown version ;)
  • Eyes: "Eyes myst 01" from *.amato.* (free, you can find the eyes in the "Free eliptical eyes" box)
  • Ears: "Coeur prisonier" from [Acide!] (9L gift from the "My depraved valentines hunt").
  • Horns: "Swirled horns" from myself, available at the marketplace (5L)
  • Necklace: "Chaos Theory Necklace" from Ticky Tacky, available on marketplace (10L - fitting earrings also available on marketplace for 10L)
  • Outfit: "Raven Burlesque" from Bad Juju (hunt gift - from the "Twisted Hunt" - includes wings & boots)

Monday, 28 February 2011

0018 - Majestic surrender

Yesterday was the Glance Fashion Award 2011 event, and "The White Armory" was one of the nomenees for the best new designer. I was waiting for the results to write my blog afterwards, and actually I was quite convinced that TWA is going to win - inexplicably they didnt. For me they are the winners, because Bee Colton really makes wonderful gowns.
The following pictures show the new group gift "Majestic surrender". Im a bit late with the publication of this blog, because I also had to get a gift from Unique Megastore: it is a new Complete Avatar-set for all of you that like Na'vi-shapes. I really like that one a lot, because the special Na'vi-eyes are included. But first let me present you the "Majestic surrender" ;) 

The Majestic surrender gown is available with two skirt options - you can
wear it with or without train.

I love the details of the texture and
the cloak. 
The Aquene Hair from A&A is really
nicely made.

The brown-green eyes are a subscribo gift from amacci.

The silky skin is a hunt gift from Natural Beauty. The pretty Tiara is from
Glad Rags. The inworld-shop closed last week, but some items are
still available on marketplace.

  • Skin: "Olga (tan-beige)" from Natural Beauty (hunt gift from the flighty february hunt - should be available until the 6th of march)
  • Hair: "Aquene" (darkbrown) from Alli&Ali, available on marketplace (1L, Promo)
  • Eyes: "InSight - brown-green eyes" from amacci (subscribo gift - you will receive several eyes, and also some sparkle-attachement for the eyes)
  • Headgear: "Diamond Tiara" from Glad Rags, available on the marketplace (5L - the inworld shop closed a couple of days ago)
  • Outfit: "Majestic surrender gown" from The White Armory (group gift)

0017 - Neytiri

At the moment, there are many nice skin-gifts to be found, not least because of the skin fair. But also outside the fair, designers offer some very special items. At the Unique Megastore for example you can find a beautiful Na'vi skin - it is actually a complete avatar, with shape, skin, tail, eyes.

The complete Na'vi-Avatar is a gift from Unique Megastore.
The outfit is from Yasum.  

These bracelets I found on the marketplace. 

I like the details on this pretty skin. But there is another reason, why I love
this complete avatar-set: the typical na'vi-eyes are included!

  • Complete Avatar: Na'vi "Avatar" from Unique Megastore (free gift - the shape, skin, tail and the eyes (!) are included)
  • Hair: "EFB01" (white) from -dDx-, available at the marketplace (1L, the hair is white, but it is modifiable, so you can tint the hair with some dark grey colour)
  • Outfit: "Ripped green" from Yasum (group gift. Group gift boards are scattered all around the shop. This outfit you can find on the ground floor, not in the freebie area in the sky)
  • Bracelets (long): Leather bracelets, available on marketplace (5L, 2 pieces for left and right forearm)
  • Bracelets (short): "Braided leather bracelets" availabe on marketplace (1L)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

0016 - In the cavern

Well, some of you might say, that todays outfits dont fit in my blog, because they are not truely free. But probably you will change your mind. All outfits, that I show you today are from Caverna Obscura.
Two days ago, Elvina Ewing, the designer and owner of CO changed the items in her lucky boards. Each month she adds up to 8 or 9 new, fabulous outfits or accessories. The boards are group-only! To be added to the group, you HAVE to be a customer and you need to ask for an invitation from Elvina Ewing. IMPORTANT: Read the instructions (how to join the group) at the end of this blog-entry!

The Viking Apron Gown is one of the great outfits you will find at Caverna
Obscura right now. It comes with two cloak/hood-options and the jewellery.
Normally I wear pale skins, but I really love this dark and freckled skin from
Yasum, the hair is a former gift from Exile and unfortunatley not available anymore.

  • Skin: "Babes - naturale" from Yasum (free, current group gift - this dark coloured, freckled skin is available with different makeups)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 7" from Urban girl (free, current group gift) *
  • Outfit: "Viking Apron Gown" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **
* By the way: All eyes Im wearing with the different outfits in this blog entry, are part of the Urban Girl eyes-fatpack (36 eyes), which is the recent group-gift! If you are not a member yet, join the group, and find the gift in the message history.

Purple Ragamuffin-dress & Grape wines wreath
I like the Ragamuffin-dress! I added the Grape wines wreath (which is a
seperate Lucky Board-item of CO and some wings of material squirrel). 
Again Im wearing the "Babes"-Skin from Yasum, the hair is
from RezIpsa Loc, and I found it at Savoir hair.

  • Skin: "Babes - naturale" from Yasum (free, current group gift - this dark coloured, freckled skin is available with different makeups)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 34" from Urban girl (free, current group gift)
  • Hair: "Anna" from RezIpsa Loq, available at Savoir Hair (1L) 
  • Outfit: "Ragamuffin" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **
  • Headgear: "Grape wine wreath" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only!)
  • Wings: "Giselle Wings" (mint green) from Material squirrel wings (lucky board item - the wings are almost white when you receive them. As they are modifiable, I added some more green colour to make them look that way)

The Brocade Gown
The Brocadegown has a nicely shimmering texture. The gloves you will
receiv with the gown.
This skin you can find at Pandora's
box, the hair is from Alli&Ali.
The shoes are part of the Brocade-

Short-skirt-version of the Brocade-Gown.

  • Skin: "Creme" from  Pandora's Box (1L, there is also a makeup-freebie)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 11" from Urban girl (free, current group gift)
  • Hair: "Pirella" (dark winered) from  Alli&Ali, available on the marketplace (1L)
  • Outfit: "Brocade" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **
The Coral Reef Gown
And this is another pretty gown available at the moment: the Coral Reef Gown.
Venus... thats the name of this nice skin from hsh.
Found it at the Skin fair.

  • Skin: "Venus" from hsh, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (5L - hsh is no. 42 on the skin fair map)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 13" from Urban girl (free, current group gift)
  • Hair: "Hilda" from  Alli&Ali, available on the marketplace (1L - Promo!)
  • Outfit: "Coral Reef Gown" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **

 The Spring Birch Dryad Dress
I love the cute white Spring Birch Dryad dress from Caverna Obscura. The
wings are not included. They are from Material Squirrel.
This special hair is from Curious Kitties - love it.

  • Skin: "Babes - naturale" from Yasum (free, current group gift - this dark coloured, freckled skin is available with different makeups)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 35" from Urban girl (free, current group gift)
  • Hair: "Nyanotech" from Curious Kitties, available at Savoir Hair (free)
  • Outfit: "Spring Birch Dryad" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **

Diamond Web Outfit (black/red) / Drow Warrior accessories

 You will not only find cute dresses for fairies and elvens at Caverna Obscura, but also lots of outfits for darker creatures ;) At the moment you will find the Diamond Web Outfit in the lucky boards - even twice, once in black, and once in red. And there are some Drow Warrior boots with a fitting cloak in the board aswell.

The Diamond Web Outfit in Black. Im wearing it with some nice heels from
N-core, but some boots would be great with it too.
Same outfit in red... I love both colours. Hair "The Call" from EMO-tions.

The hooded Drow warrior cloak looks great...

  • Skin: "Valentine Skin" from InVision (Lucky board)
  • Eyes: "Eye no. 22" from Urban girl (free, current group gift)
  • Hair: "The Call" from EMO-tions, (free - you can find it at the discount section at the coordinates 64/187/536 - it is in one of the gift bags)
  • Highheels: "Sense - extreme heel" (black) from N-core (group gift)
  • Boots & Hooded cloak: "Drow Warrior" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only! Informations on how joining the group you will find at the end of this blog entry!!) **
  • Outfit: "Diamond web" from Caverna Obscura (Lucky board item, group only!)

** GROUP INVITE to Caverna Obscura - IMPORTANT!

To become a member of the group, you need to be a customer! If you want to get an invite, contact Elvina Ewing with the transaction info of your recent purchase at the CO-shop (at least L$250 worth), or send her a picture of yourself, wearing something by Caverna Obscura, that is not available at the Lucky Boards. You wont get an invite, by telling Elvina, that you have formerly been a member, and that you accidentaly deleted the group. But trust me: even if you spend L$500 or more, this will be a good bargain. Dont forget: you will receive about 100 fantastic gifts each year! And being a member of the CO-group really is something exclusive ;) So what can you find at her shop, apart from the Lucky Board items... for example this:


This wonderful and really unique outfit is a new release of Elvina. Personally, I havent seen any similar dress in SL. This Djinnie outift is an example of her creativity and her ability. The complete outfit is L$ 1250. You can also buy the outfit only, which is L$ 695, the shoes for L$ 275 and the veil and tiara for L$ 299. This or other stunning creations you can find at her mainshop.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

0015 - Snail mail

Okies... this time I started to assemble an outfit, by choosing the ears first! Yes... the ears :P. Now thanks to Roodvosje Rosse, who's the diligent author of the great Go dutch ! blog, I found these funny elf-ears, with a sneaking snail on... Gary to be precisely. Thanks for the hint Rood ;)...  I really love those :). I added one of the several skins from the Skin Fair and a dress I found at Deviance yesterday (but it seems the dress is available there since some time allready ;)...)... nevertheless I blog it, as I like it. 

"Yumm, yumm... now doesnt this rose just look delicious?"
Gary is funny, ehhh? But this cute teal-coloured snail on my ear tickles...

This pretty dress is from Delicious... and its worth eating some poisened
or wormy apples, to get it from the apple bop-lucky dip ;)

The dress comes with different skirt and ruffle-options and
with the cute flower-basket.
These shoes are a Dollarbie from
Sole Sisters...

This skin was a Skin Fair gift from JeSyLiLO, the hair is
a freebie from Exile and the eyes from MADesign.

  • Shape: "Blue bell shape" from Deviance (is part of the free outfit!)
  • Skin: "Skin Fair gift J1" from JeSyLiLO, available at the Skin Fair 2011 (free, this is one of three skins that are offered by JeSyLiLO)
  • Ears: "Snail ears" from IrEn, available at Toastyville (free - available in four versions, pale/tan, with/without snail or a fly - the ears are not off-standing when you buy them, but they are modifiable ;)...)
  • Eyes: "INNOCENCE eyes - Lake ink" from MADesigns, available at the FabFree Station (free)
  • Hair: "Susan" from Exile, available at Savoir Hair (free)
  • Outfit: "Blue Bell" from Deviance (free Apple bop/lucky dip-item, there are many skirt- and ruffle-options!)
  • Shoes: "Janelle" from Sole Sisters (1L - all white shoes and boots at Sole Sisters are Dollarbies!)